So, I tend to be a bit hard headed when it comes to new trends.  I think just about everything is a gimmick.  And, that is exactly what I thought when I saw a video with some really cool looking new piping tips.  But, I kept seeing this video pop up… I kept seeing cakers ask about them.  I started to get curious, and last week I broke down and order them!

Russian Tips 2Tone-5W

To be completely honest… when I first started using them my initial reaction was “I was right, this is a gimmick.”  But, I tried to make these cupcake a few times… the one’s I filmed were my 3rd attempt… and I think I kind of like them!  Check out my video to see how I used them:

A couple of things I learned… Yes, you need to practice.  Each tip takes a little different pressure, speed, buttercream texture and works best when piped to a certain height.  I bought mine from Amazon (link in the supply list) and there are different sized sets, but I could not find individual tips.  I settled for a set of 7… While I have (eventually) come to the decision that these tips are cool… I’m not sure that anyone needs a bunch of different ones.  To me they are so similar looking just a couple would be good enough.  Do I feel like I wasted my money?  No, if anything it will make decorating speedy because I won’t need to switch bags to get a bunch of different colors… but I just don’t want anyone thinking that each shape will be significantly different from the others.

Russian Tips 2Tone-2W

I really love how these turned out… like a lot.  We didn’t actually eat these cupcakes, I think my family just thought they were too pretty… They sat there for a week so we could admire them (and then I had to throw them out!).


Russian Piping Tips:
Dusty Rose Gel Color:
Avocado Green Gel Color:
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Wilton Ruffle Baking Cups:

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