One of the first gumpaste flowers I experimented with was the Anemone flower.  It seemed easy enough… This was about 6 years ago and my cake supplies fit into a small toolbox.  Needless to say, I didn’t have a ton of specialized cutters and veiners.  I started by making them out of circle cutters.  I’ve come a long way and now have come up with a method for more realistic flowers that I use now.

In this video, I demonstrate two methods.  I know, from when I was just starting out (and even now) that you don’t always have the exact tool on hand and can’t necessarily buy new tools for one project.  I wanted to show that you can use what you have and still have a beautiful result.

Gumpaste Anemone-2W

One of the reasons I love to use Anemones on cakes so much is because they are such a quick and easy flower to put together.  They make a big impact, but no need to make a gazillion petals like with a peony, and no need to wait for drying time between layers like a rose.

Gumpaste Anemone

These flowers have such a beautiful soft, vintage feel to them…. they lend themselves well to classic or shabby chic cake designs!

Gumpaste Anemone-3W


And, because they are so easy to make and have a classic flower shape, they lend themselves really well to “fantasy” type flowers.

If you give my tutorial a try, share a picture on my Facebook Page!  I’d love to see what you are creating!