I’ve used my First Impressions Baby Mold twice now and I think these babies come out so well!  They are incredibly life-like, the detail is so amazing, and they are so adorable I want to carry one around in my pocket!

Anyway, cute attack aside… I’ve had so many people ask how I made them, “cake people” know that it is the First Impressions mold and want to know how to use it, and how it was shaded… Cake muggles just think I am amazingly talented at sculpting, and while tempted to keep my secret, I can’t take credit for the intricate detail First Impressions put into this mold.  So here it is, for all to see, my secret to making these adorable little gumpaste babies (at the bottom of this post you can find a list of supplies that I used).

This tutorial was a long one, so it is broken up into two parts:

PART 1: Making the Gumpaste Baby w/ the First Impressions Mold

PART 2: Coloring the Gumpaste Baby made in Part 1
Supplies Used & Where to Buy
  • First Impressions Mold – Baby 1 you can buy it from Global Sugar Art or First Impressions (It is very popular and many online retailers or local cake supply stores carry it).
  • Small Rolling Pin you can buy it from your craft store (Michaels, A.C. Moore or Hobby Lobby) or online from any number of cake suppliers, like Global Sugar Art.
  • Petal Dusts you can buy from Global Sugar Art, or again any number of online cake suppliers or local cake supply stores.  I used “Sunflower,” “Flesh Tone,” “Cosmos (Rose Pink)” and “Cocoa” that I bought from Jester’s Discount Cake Supply.
  • Gumpaste you can make your own, buy the Wilton ready made at your local craft store or cake supply shop, or buy online.  I used Satin Ice Gumpaste that I bought from Global Sugar Art.
  • Gel Colors to color your gumpaste.  I used a combination of Wilton Ivory and Wilton Peach to achieve my flesh color.  You can buy them at most craft stores, your local cake supply shop or online.
  • I also used a sharp knife to trim my excess gumpaste, corn starch and shortening (like Crisco).
  • You will also need a fine paintbrush and a few toothpicks for coloring your gumpaste baby.
Happy Caking 🙂