My Cakes We Bake contest entry
I am entering an online cake contest!  Over at Cake Decorating Corner they are holding a Topsy Turvy cake contest.  It just so happens that I have a topsy turvy cake in my portfolio.  And, it happens to be a very special cake to me that I am very proud of!  It is my Animal Friends 1st Birthday cake and it was for my son’s birthday last year!  It was the first time I had attempted a topsy turvy cake and I love, love, love it!
The only other cake contest I have entered was the Connecticut Cake Competition 2011, and I ended up winning 1st Place in my category and the Trophy for my division!  After that I am somewhat hooked on cake competitions, although, they don’t happen with much frequency in my area.  So I was really excited to get an email from Cakes We Bake about this contest!
CCC Winning Cake!
Why am I entering?  Well, I’m actually not entering with the expectation of winning!  There are so many great cake decorators out there that would really be an unrealistic expectation anyway.  But, I find it fun to see my work up against all the others.  For myself, I like to see how I compare and it helps me push myself to be better.  Also, like any artist, I just like my work to be “seen”.  Cake is such an impermanent medium that usually the only people who have the chance to see my work are the party goers, for about 10 minutes before they dig in and eat it (OK, maybe longer than 10 minutes… and really I like people to enjoy eating my cakes, please don’t feel bad if you get one of my cakes and are ready to chow down, that’s is it’s purpose!).
For this online contest I am not making a new cake, but generally part of the fun of cake competition is coming up with a design that you think can compete with whatever else may be presented!  So, whether you are an experienced cake decorator, or a novice, check out the contest.  If you don’t have a topsy turvy cake in your portfolio, maybe now is the time to make one!  Have fun!  You can enter here!
(If you do enter, post a comment and let me know the title of your cake, I love to check out other people’s work!)
Happy Caking 🙂