Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday…  he’s going on a hiking trip, so we celebrated his birthday today with dinner and of course cake!  I had to share his birthday cake with you 🙂

OK, so it’s not actually made out of cake… but we have a lot of cake around here and my husband didn’t want more cake for his birthday.  So his cake is actually a watermelon, decorated with berries, kiwi and pineapple!

And here are the super simple instructions, in case you want to try this one yourself:

Get a Watermelon- this is a smallish one, it’s a seedless…

Cut sections for your “tiers”  I cut a section about 3″ tall from the middle of the watermelon for the bottom tier (right) and then cut a section, about 2″ tall from the end for the top tier (left)…

Cut “V’s” with a paring knife (or any sharp knife) all around the bottom tier- I only cut in about 2″ to give the top tier a flat surface to rest on.

I inserted toothpicks on the bottom tier, so the top tier would “stick.”  It was a bit slippery without them

Stick the top tier of watermelon on the toothpicks and cut more “V’s” around, I made them smaller for contrast- before i cut my “V’s” I also trimmed off the rind a bit, to give a better difference in size between my two tiers… that is not necessary if you have a more tapered watermelon.

Then decorate however you like, with any additional fruit!  I used a fanned out strawberry for a topper, surrounded by thinly sliced Kiwi Fruit.  The bottom tier has a raspberry and a blueberry in each of the “V’s.”  More sliced Kiwi Fruit around the base as a boarder.  The “33” is pineapple.  I sliced it thinly length wise and cute out the numbers free hand!  The numbers have toothpicks to hold them onto the watermelon, and give them some support.

See?  Super easy!  It was the fastest cake I’ve made yet!  My husband was surprise and loved it!  So, while this cake does not actually involve baking or any flour, butter or eggs… give it a shot!  It’s so yummy and refreshing!  We served it up in slices, topped with Cool Whip!

Happy Caking 🙂