As the house that hosts most holiday gatherings, there is always so much to do that the week before is crazy busy. Also, ass the professional baker in the family, I’m expected to bring the dessert/cake. So, I’m always trying to come up with a quick and easy dessert (or cake) that I can make in between trips to the grocery store, cleaning the house and preparing food for the meal. This Rosette Bunny Cake definitely fits the bill! It’s so easy to make, but the simple rosettes give it such a pretty look, with some easy fondant details to make this bunny super adorable… your guests will never guess that you made it in hardly any time at all! For the full video tutorial as well as a supply list and links to my recipes, scroll down to the bottom of this post…

I made this cake using 2 9×13 inch layers of my vanilla cake recipe (linked near the bottom of this post). I leveled the top of each layer and filled the cake with some delicious raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream (also linked). A tip when making any cake that will need a bit of carving. Freeze the layers and let them thaw just slightly. The cold cake will be much easier to carve, and also easier to handle if you are working with larger size cake layers!

After the cake was filled I carved into a basic, rounded egg shape. First I cut triangles off the corners of my rectangular cake, then I refined the shape, but rounding the sides and edges.

This cake will be decorated with rosettes, covering it entirely. But, it’s important to start with a solid buttercream base, just in case any of the base layer peeks through. Since, I’m not very concerned about this layer of buttercream showing, I went in with a thick “crumb coat”, not worried if any crumbs get caught up in the buttercream. After the buttercream is applied and no cake is showing, I gave it a very general smoothing- again, perfection not needed here, for the most part it won’t show! Then I popped the cake in the refrigerator to chill for a bit and moved on to some simple fondant decorations.

I made a simple little bunny tail, it’s just a ball of fondant, with a little bit of a point. Make some lines with a modeling tool in a spiral down from the top and you’ve got a cute bunny tail with a little bit of fur detail!

I made some really simple bunny ears… I rolled out a fairly thick log of white fondant, tapering it in the middle. Fold that in half to make sure each side is even in shape and thickness and cut it. Roll out each piece with a small rolling pin, trying to keep the shapes somewhat symmetrical, then add some pink pieces cut in generally the same shape. Voila, bunny ears, easy peasy! The pink won’t show for the most part, so it doesn’t have to be super neat, it’s just a little detail in case any of the underside does show….

I shaped a small ball of the same pink fondant into a soft triangle, and that’s all there is to making a cute bunny nose.

Set the fondant pieces aside under some plastic wrap so they won’t dry out, and using vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, and a 1M Wilton tip… pipe rosettes all around and up the cake! It’s so easy, so pretty and I love how it works as a representation of fur!

Then all that’s left to do is add the fondant decorations to complete this adorable, EASY, bunny cake!!

Such an easy cake, but it’s oh so cute! I hope you’ll give it a try… if you do, let me know how it turned out. I’d love to see pictures of your creations, so be sure to tag me on social media or share them on my Facebook page!

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