Hi Everyone!  I have a few things planned for today that I’m hoping to share in a future blog post.  But I wanted to stop and take a moment to tell everyone about a great charity that I stumbled upon this morning.

Icing Smiles!  They coordinate celebration cakes for critically or terminally ill children and their siblings.  I saw a story on Cake Central that tugged at my heart strings and prompted me to check them out.  I think what they are doing is great!  What these children and their families are going through is so difficult and sad.  But to have a beautiful and delicious cake can really bring smiles to their adorable faces.  Who doesn’t love frosting?!

This charity relies on donations exclusively for operation.  They are staffed entirely by volunteers and rely on the generosity of bakers to donate their time, skill and product.  They coordinate cakes for children all over, so if you are willing and able to help, please consider contacting them to contribute to this amazing and generous programs!

You can visit their website or facebook page for more information and/or to contact them about contributing.  You needn’t be a professional baker to help out, they’re happy to have the help from amateur bakers as well!

Happy Caking 🙂