Hello everyone!  I am so excited to be updating my blog with this latest cake… I think I say this about each cake I post… but this is my NEW favorite!

I was asked to make a Cinderella themed cake for a Cinderella’s Ball Sweet 16 Party!  I had sketched the cake, and promised a gumpaste shoe topper… but really wanted to try and make it look like a “glass” slipper using sugar/isomalt!

I started by making a paper mock-up so I would have an accurate template.

…and here is the sugar version (it’s actually isomalt, which I had heard was a bit easier to work with!)
Okay, since I really liked this cake, I have a LOT of favorite pictures of it!  I don’t know if you all like looking at cake pictures as much as I do.  So, if you don’t, I apologize for the bombardment of photos…. I really tried to keep it down to a minimum!
 I tried to get some detail shots of the shoe, but it’s not so easy to photography something clear!  I used the hearts from the Wilton Baroque mold as embellishment on the toe and heel!
 I’m just SO pleased with how the shoe turned out… considering this is the first time I’ve worked with sugar/isomalt!
The top tier was inspired by a beautiful Cinderella themed wedding cake I made by Carrie’s Cakes!
For the swags on the bottom tier I used a technique I saw demonstrated in the Craftsy class “Jeweled Wedding Cake” with Marina Sousa.  Next time I think I would space them closer together!

Well, thank you for looking at my latest creation!  I am thinking of putting together a tutorial for the Glass Slipper, if I do, I will update with a link!

**UPDATE! I created a picture tutorial for creating my glass slipper for SugarEd Productions!  Be sure to check out my Glass Slipper Tutorial at the SugarEd Productions, Online Sugar Arts School!

Happy Caking 🙂