Last week, I had the honor of participating in something so exciting and fun!  I was invited by a friend, Meena of 5th Avenue Weddings & Events to participate in a photo shoot she was doing for Allure Bridals


Yes, that’s right…. I was asked to provide cakes, to be photographed and used in a new marketing campaign for the 2014 collection of a bridal gown company!  Right, smack, in the middle of wedding season!  But, I couldn’t say, no!

At first, I thought I was just providing one cake… but nope… After committing to the project, we found out that they wanted to shoot 5 different “stories.”  With just two weeks notice, there was not way I was going have time to design, order supplies and execute FIVE different cakes!  So, I said I could do 2 different detailed cakes… And, one plain white 3-tier cake that we could dress up for the other 3 stories….

Today, I’m excited to share the first of the cakes that were photographed!  The table, styled by Meena, for this story had beautiful purples to to with the bridesmaid dresses that were photographed.  I designed this cake, fairly simply, with a purple color palate.

The tiers were painted with super pearl, to look like satin.  The contrasting scalloped pattern is a matte white (textured with tulle), created with one of the new Onlays by Marvelous Molds– the “Scalloped Lattice” pattern.  I LOVE this new product, it makes decorating so easy and quick…. and with the little time I had to pull off these cakes, I needed fast and easy!

I did a petite trio of cakes for this set up… we were shooting at an abandoned mansion and set up on this beautiful sculpted table!

I used simple purple Anemones as accent… But, the beauty of this simple design is the differences in texture and with the delicate, lace-like scalloped pattern.
A photograph… of my cakes being photographed!  So surreal!!!

 I’ll be posting photos of some of the other cakes I created soon!  For now….

Happy Caking 🙂