Today, I have another cake from my photo shoot with Allure Bridals, to share!

For this “story” I was sent a photo of a pretty lace covered green bridesmaid dress.  I’ve been wanting to make a lace embellished cake for a while now, so I knew lace that would be the focus of my design!

 Now, I just had to find the right lace to use!  I ordered a few from cake supply stores, but they weren’t “real” enough looking.  I considered doing a brushed embroidery lace design… but knew I didn’t have the time.  So, that only left me with one options… to make my own lace mold.


Off to the fabric store to find some lace…  In my area of New Hampshire we don’t have a lot of big fabric stores…  On one of my trips back to my home state of Connecticut I stopped in to a giant Joann-Fabrics and searched the entire store until I found a small display of lace appliques!  I finally found something I thought would work!!

To make the mold, I used a technique similar to one I saw in the Craftsy class Cake Design Made Simple: The Wedding Dress with Rachel Teufel.  But, I modified the process a little so I had more of a mold instead of just a lace press…. either way, it still meant hours of hand cutting around each applique!!

The inspiration dresses were more structured and less flowy… so I added a structured pleated band around one of the top tiers.  I was tempted to add a bow… because I think everything is pretty with a bow… But, thought it wouldn’t fit with the look I was after.

Fresh flowers were added to the top when the photographed this cake… but I wasn’t there for the 2nd day of this 2 day photo shoot, so I don’t have pictures.  Rest assured, I will definitely share the finished photos when they are published!

 Thanks for checking out my work!  Take a look at the gorgeous table that my friend, Meena of 5th Avenue Weddings & Events created for this story!

I know… amazing, right?  If you need a fantastic and creative wedding coordinator, look her up!  She’s in the New York area, but she travels!!

Happy Caking 🙂