Drum roll please…..

My much sought after isomalt Glass Slipper tutorial is now available!  After I posted pictures of the Cinderella Sweet 16 Cake I made back in March I was contacted many times about the instructions.  And, I promised a tutorial would be forth coming…

 Well, in the spring I was contacted by Sharon Zambito (yeah… I know, crazy cool, right?!) about a new online sugar arts school she was launching this summer.  She wanted to know if I was interested in being a contributor and would I put together my glass slipper tutorial for her.  Umm, YES!  Of course I would!!


It took me some time to fit it into my schedule, but I was able to get the instructions to Sharon over the summer… And guess what, SugarEd Productions is now open and my tutorial is featured on the homepage this week!  I am so excited, I literally squealed when I saw she posted the link on Facebook to my tutorial!! (hence my over-use of exclamation points in this post, lol)

SugarEd Productions, Online Sugar Arts School is a member only site chock full of awesome tutorials, recipes and videos.  There is also an inspirational member gallery and a great community developing on the forums.  I joined several weeks ago and I have been busy exploring the site in my free time (mostly between the hours of 2am and 3am, lol!).

New content is added weekly!

Here are just a few of the exceptional features waiting for you: 

  • library of high definition video tutorials 
  • photo tutorial library
  • huge printable recipe bank  business, photography and decorating articles 
  • member tutorials and recipes 
  • member photo gallery 
  • professional advice and message forums (chat with Sharon Zambito and other members)
  • games, contests and other interactive activities 
  • valuable resources 
  • special SugarEd store discounts for members only 

And, as if the phenomenal instruction by Sharon isn’t enough, she even has celebrity guest instructors!

I am loving the content, and I know you all will too!  If it’s by Sharon Zambito, you know it will be superb, quality content!  I am absolutely stunned and amazed that she asked little old me to be a contributor.  I am SO excited to see my tutorial up, and glad to finally be able to share with all of you, who have patiently waited for me to get this together!

Go sign up for SugarEd Productions, Online Cake School to see my Glass Slipper Tutorial and many others!!

Happy Caking 🙂