I am finally winding down from the busiest wedding season I’ve experienced yet!  I am behind sharing my cakes with you all… And I really wanted to get some photos posted today, but even without cakes to work on, there don’t seem to be enough hours in a day!

I WILL get some photos up this week… but today, I just wanted to let you all know about a product I have up for sale!
Several weeks ago, I posted this photo on my Facebook page as I was getting ready to leave for a delivery.
It’s a magnet that I created at the beginning of the summer… I was sick of the frustration I felt when driving slow and cautiously with a cake on board.  I’m sure you’ve all experienced it, going super slow around a corner, on a one lane street… breaking for bumps and slowly going around pot holes.  Or being on the highway and in the SLOW vehicle lane, and being tailgated, when the person behind you could safely pass if they wanted to!  Ugh, it was so frustrating and I felt like yelling out the window, “How would you want me to drive if this was YOUR wedding cake?!”
So, I created this design and got myself a magnet for my car.  It says “back off,” while still being lighthearted with the fun font 🙂  And, I have to say, it has made a HUGE difference in my experience for cake deliveries! People tend to stay far back, or politely pass me if they can.  No more evil stares and tailgating (well almost none).  I would use this for any cake delivery, but I feel  like people are more likely to be understanding if it’s a “wedding” cake, so I chose my wording with that in mind.
It really is great, and I get lots of people passing me, smiling and waiving, or trying to peak in the window to see if they can catch a glimpse (they can’t, I box all of my cakes for delivery).  And, I have a magnet with my business name on the side of my vehicle, so it’s a little marketing too!
Anyway… this was a long way of saying… people liked my magnet!  People said, they wanted one!  I know, I searched the web to see if I could find one before making my own.  I only found a few and they weren’t the image I wanted to portray so I made this.  And, since I like it and so many of my followers liked it… I decided to find a source for fulfillment!  
I am happy to announce that I’ve just posted this design for sale!  You can buy it here or by clicking the “Shop” tab above or on my Facebook page!  If you order one, I’d love to hear what you think!  Does it ease the pressure during cake transportation?!
Happy Caking 🙂